Laminate Flooring

Sophisticated Concepts is proud to annouce our newest product line. No floor maker on earth is more environmentally conscientious than SOPHISTICATED CONCEPTS and REPUBLIC.  We acquire raw materials only from ecologically well-managed forests and suppliers. Between each ply of our engineered wood floors we use only environmentally-safe adhesives.  As a result, every REPUBLIC FLOOR surpasses by a large margin even the strictest CARB requirements anywhere.  Every SOPHISTICATED CONCEPTS and REPUBLIC floor represents an exquisite balance of beauty, character and magnificent architectural structures and strict, reverent preservation of our natural resources. All of SOPHISTICATED CONCEPTS and REPUBLIC FLOOR’S products are Lacey Act Compliant and are environmentally responsible by meeting the standards of California Air Resources Board's formaldehyde emissions. All of our products are Phase 2 certified compliant as we put homeowner's health - and that of our employees -   as our first priority.